International CSR Watch - October 1st 2020 Weekly Issue

The editorial team | 01 Octobre 2020 | 2606 mots

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Our international bulletin on sustainability, governance and responsible finance: IFRS starts talks on global sustainability standards, IMF endorses EU carbon price, UK plans to ban fossil fuel vehicles, Jobs in renewable energy, Leaders pledge for biodiversity, Climate youth activists, China climate pledge needs energy shift, Controversial fossil projects in Australia, BP - Shell and anti-climate lobbying disclosures, Egypt's first sovereign green bond, US bans palm oil from forced labor, H&M fined for employee data breaches, Amazon robots impact workers in warehouses, Thailand's pledge for women empowerment, M&S bans soya milk, Big Four calls for ESG reporting standards,... (23 news)

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CSR Outlook - 01 Octobre 2020 - 2606 mots

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