International CSR Watch - September 24th 2020 Weekly Issue

The editorial team | 24 Septembre 2020 | 2271 mots

GLOBE terrestre

New: Our international bulletin on sustainability, governance and responsible finance: a climate summit in December 2020, GE exits the coal-power market, the impact of animal farming in EU, new batteries for Tesla, a new name for Uncle Ben's, first blue bond in Asia, new SEC rule to bar shareholder proposals, auditors stop inspecting factories in Xinjiang, Casino put on notice for Amazon deforestation, a $1 bn fine for JP Morgan, Australia's roadmap to cut CO2 emissions... (19 news)

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CSR Outlook - 24 Septembre 2020 - 2271 mots

Développement Durable - Sustainability|ESG - ISR|RSE - CSR

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