International CSR Watch - September 17th 2020 Weekly Issue

The editorial team | 17 Septembre 2020 | 2537 mots

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New: Our international bulletin on sustainability, governance and responsible finance: investors demand net-zero targets, climate risk disclosures enforced in New Zealand, Mexico issues first SDG green bond, Data center provider signs sustainability-linked loan, PwC commits to net zero emissions by 2030, Climate change and US media coverage, Greenpeace threatens legal action over Dutch government, BP says the world has passed 'peak oil', Henkel contracts Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in the US, Europe votes to include ships in carbon trading system, NOAA hires climate change opponent, Google eliminates carbon legacy, Nigeria seeks $1.1 bn from Eni and Shell, Environmental inequity in California, Social progress vs. economic growth, Work contracts to eradicate modern slavery, Investor calls for human rights in maritime supply chains ... (24 news)

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CSR Outlook - 17 Septembre 2020 - 2537 mots

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