International CSR Watch - October 15th 2020 Weekly Issue

The editorial team | 15 Octobre 2020 | 1921 mots

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Our international bulletin on sustainability, governance and responsible finance: a climate-driven housing crisis in Florida, millions exposed to climate denials ads on Facebook, Brussels considers possible congestion charge for cars, EU at risk of missing plastics recycling targets, New IEA scenario to net zero emissions by 2050, JP Morgan wants to fix racial wealth gap, allegations of migrant workers exploitation by Uber Eeats in Italy, Boohoo and Select linked to money laundering garment network, possible violations of SEC rules by GE, Ikea to buy back unwanted furniture, fashion brands refused to pay suppliers during Covid crisis, Nestle to help farmers achieve net-zero carbon by 2050, Church of England disinvests Exxon, World Bank still invests in fossil fuels, Tesco's Sustainability-linked Loan with BNP Paribas, Amazon faces strikes in Germany on Prime Day, time for ESGT?... (21 news)

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CSR Outlook - 15 Octobre 2020 - 1921 mots

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